The August 2017 Total Solar Eclipse

The photos below were taken from an athletic field in the town of Ravenna, Nebraska, USA, on 2017 August 21, just north of the eclipse centerline. Totality was seen through thin cirrus. The photos were all taken with a Canon PowerShot SX530 HS digital camera.

The first six photos below are still images taken at ASA 400 and 16 megapixel resolution, using manual mode at f/8. The zoom factor was about 10x (equivalent to a focal length of 500 mm for a 35 mm camera). Exposure times varied and were not recorded, but the four totality still images (unprocessed except for cropping) were taken between 1/1000 and 1/250 sec.

An attempted movie of the second half of totality, taken with the same camera, contained only a small number of usable frames, one of which is the last image in the list below.

All photos by George Kaplan.

A narrative on the eclipse as seen from Nebraska will be posted here before the end of September.

   This page is a work in progress.

Eclipse Images:

Crescent images of the eclipsed Sun projected from trees onto laptop computer, shortly after totality in Ravenna, Nebraska.

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